1. You've gotta have fish sauce with every meal.
  2. You will die sooner or later for not having Phở.
  3. You and your family care about Education and at least you guys try to do something about it.
  4. Someone in your family is in Nails/ Hair/Taxi/ Fishing business or in clothing business.
  5. You drive a brand new Lexus or Acura or Toyota 4Runner
  6. You carry a big box of instant noodle in your car trunk.
  7. You shop at 99c stores, flea markets, K-Mart, Costco, Ross and Marshall
  8. You have banana, chili or all kinds of veggies in your backyard.
  9. You add more rooms to rent for extra income.
  10. Your favorite beer is Heineiken
  11. Your favorite speakers are JBL and Bose
  12. Most of you guys have a Karaoke system and a big screen Sony in your family room.
  13. You never think of traveling on First Class in your life.
  14. Your Mom has special taste about jewelry & real estate
  15. Someone in your family is on some kind of welfare
  16. You prefer using cash rather than check or credit card.
  17. You care about politics but do nothing about it.
  18. You hate being mixed with other Asian guys
  19. You don't like to have a Vietnamese look.
  20. You are not afraid any kind of people.
  21. You can make more money with less time and effort than other Asian guys.
  22. You turn your garage into a workshop or an extra-kitchen.
  23. You use your dish washer only to store kitchen utensils, dishes and bowls, not to wash them!
  24. You store plenty of oriental noodles in the cabinets.


1. You think you're the smartest people in the world.
2. You have a pager and cellular phone with you at all time.
3. When you and 2 other guys talking, people think you are fighting.
4. Today's steamed rice is tomorrow's fried rice.
5. Dim Sum is your breakfast
6. Noodle is your dinner
7. You don't like eating FISH
8. Most member in your family wearing denture at young age.
9. Your most favorite color is RED
10. You think you are superior to all other Asians.


1. You're obsessed with your hair, your car, and your clothes
2. You want to marry a Korean American or Chinese American woman(males);
or you want to marry a white guy (females).
3. You are extremely polite and acting innocent.
4. Your feet look funny in the way you walk.
5. You think you are superior to all other Asians.


1. You smoke and drink too much.
2. You will die instantly if you stop drinking Soju and eating Kimchi
3. You spend more time in the bar than at home
4. You either drive a Hyundai or Mercedes
5. You can play piano
6. You're actually sorry that Margaret Cho's sitcom was canceled. (whatever)
7. You only conduct business with your local Korean business.
9. You speak Korean in 99.9% of your time on social occasions.
10. You have at least one relative who owns a liquor store
11. You think you are superior to all other Asians.


1. You want to be a dancer, a singer, or an actor, even though you have day job as a nurse, a security guard, a dish washer, a waiter/waitress or an accountant.
2. You keep telling everyone that a member of your family back home is a politician or a moviestar.
3. You brought lots of dried fishes when coming back from vacation in Philipines.
4. You like wearing GOLD on your ear, neck , hands and fingers.
5. At least one member of your family is a nurse.
6. Your sister or daughter marries a U.S military serviceman.
7. There are 20 people sharing rooms in your home.
8. You have at least 2 FULL-TIME jobs.
9. You don't care if you are superior to all other Asians


1.Your family has a Donut shop
2. You eat smelly perished cat fish
3. You know well about some sort of invisible spirit and power.
4. You are good at cursing people to make them sick or die.


1. Your uncle is some kind of Doctor
2. Your brothers and you are some kind of Computer Engineer
3. Your Mom and Pop own a motel, Seven Eleven or Gas Station.
4. You hate to spend money.