Opposite Meaning Words

Word 1st Meaning 2nd Meaning (Opposite)
Appropriate to give (money  assets) to to take something (for one’s own use) (lấy làm của riêng)
Badly not good manner very much (I want it badly)
Bolt to flee (chạy trốn) to secure (khóa cho chắc)
Bound tied into immobility (bị trói) leaping, jumping (nhảy lên)
Cancel to stop doing (bãi bỏ) to pay off (thanh toán, trả hết nợ); cancel a check: deposit a check in a bank (gởi một ngân phiếu vào ngân hàng, làm cho nó hết hiệu lực lần thứ hai)
Cite to recognize a good deed  perfmance (cite for bravery)

(tuyên dương, biểu dương)

to require a court appearance (often not a good thing, such as citing f DUI, Driving Under the Influence, đòi ra tòa)
Chuffed pleased (hài lòng) displeased (bất mãn)
Cleave to cling, hold tight (níu lấy)  to split apart (xẻ ra)
Clip attach (cột)  cut off (cắt)
Demiurge God as the creator (Thượng đế) the devil, depending on philosophical context (quỷ)
Drop to delete  eliminate (e.g., to drop a song from a playlist)

(loại ra, rút lui)

but it is also slang for releasing an artistic creation into the world (e.g., to drop a new song on a music streaming service). So, the sentence "Her latest song was dropped" has two opposing meanings.

Cho ra

Down unhappy (I'm feeling down) Không vui happy (I'm down with that).


Downhill things are getting worse Trở nên tồi tệ getting easier: dễ dàng hơn
Draw the curtains to open them: kéo màn to close them: khép màn lại
Dust to remove dust (cleaning a house) Chùi bụi  to add dust (e.g. to dust a cake with powdered sugar): thoa lên trên
Earthbound unable to move from the earth: không lấy khỏi trái đất được heading towards the earth: hướng về trái đất
Egregious shockingly bad: rất tệ incredibly good: quá tốt
Execute to put into action: thi hành to kill (a person): hành quyết
Factoid a genuinely true but insignificant statement: thật nhưng không quan trọng (less often) to a false statement presented as true: một câu nói sai nhưng được trình bày như là thật (ít dùng)
Fast as an adjective or adverb can mean "without moving; fixed in place", as in "holding fast" (also as in "steadfast"): chắc một chỗ moving quickly: di chuyển nhanh
Hew to chop: chẻ ra (in North America) to adher: bám vào
Inflammable can catch on fire: có thể bắt lửa cannot catch on fire: không cháy được
Left remain (He is the last one left in the room) leave (He left the room and started running)
Let allow prevent (Hamlet says, "I'll make a ghost of him that lets me.")
Limit: A request to "limit the damage to the clock tower" to protect the clock tower from damage to protect everything else but the clock tower from damage.
Nonplussed baffled or perplexed but in North America can mean "not disconcerted" or "unperturbed" (a disputed usage)
Off activated / beginning to make a noise (e.g. "The alarm went off") deactivated /ceasing operation" (e.g. "The alarm turned off by itself").
Nothing in a phrase such as "nothing exists", could mean "there isn't anything (that exists)" there is something (that exists), namely 'nothing'.
Original as it was at the beginning (e.g. "This is the original packaging.") brand new ("What an original idea!").

or: unique

Overlook to miss seeing something a place to see something from above.
Oversight accidental omission or error close scrutiny and control.
Peruse to read or go over attentively cursory (lướt nhanh) manner (e.g. peruse the collection).
Ravel to entangle to disentangle
Refrain non-action: không làm ...

(I refrain from cursing at him)

the repetition of an action (e.g. in musical notation, điệp khúc)
Restive having difficulty staying still ("restless") reluctant to move (though the latter is not a widely accepted meaning (ít được chấp nhận)
Sanction approve penalize
Scan scrutinize (xem kỹ, quét hình) skim (đọc qua loa)
Screen to show to conceal (che dấu)
Story an untrue account of events (i.e., saying "It was just a story" implies something is not true) a factual one (i.e., a news story)
Strike to act decisively. Also, it can mean to hit, or to miss (as in baseball). In addition, it can mean to create ("strike a deal") or eliminate ("strike that line from the record"). to refuse to act
Table to discuss a topic at a meeting to postpone discussion of a topic.
Transparent easy to perceive or detect; can be seen through invisible (as in computing i.e., "functioning without the user being aware of its presence").
Weather  withstand something (i.e. to weather the storm) to wear down or age.