Nursery Playtime Activities

It's playtime at this nursery in Bristol – magnets, metal, and imagination.
Well, I think that's fascinating because that's not a toy that’s designed for a child to use, so it's actually quite difficult for Aida to dislodge the bit of metal from the magnet. She's learning skills of dexterity that she might not learn with a toy that was designed for a two year old. Here shells, boxes and shiny envelopes are allowed.
But these aren't, and were locked away in a cupboard for a month. Having observed the children for the one-month trial earlier this year, staff here say that 75 per cent of the two year olds used more imagination in their play. In one three-year-old class, more than half used their imaginations differently.
And in another group, between a quarter and a half of boys communicated more imaginatively.