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A Visit to Da Nang - Xem bản văn

My mother had a business trip to Da Nang last weekend, and I had a chance to visit this beautiful city with her.

She worked for one morning, and the rest of the time she took me outside to visit some famous places.

The first spot was the Hoi An ancient town, which was a completely different world from the busy roads out there.

I took many pictures with the lanterns, the old corners, and enjoyed some of the very delicious food.

In the evening, we took a short trip to Dragon Bridge - a symbol of Da Nang City.

Since it was Saturday night, we had chance to witness the Dragon head blowing fire and water.

It was such a wonderful view, and I was really impressed by that. Next we went around the city to enjoy the night life here, and Da Nang was very different from Ho Chi Minh City.

Next morning, we woke up pretty early to go to My Khe beach - which is also known as one of the six most beautiful beaches of the world. The sand was white, the water was crystal clear, and the ranges of coconut made the atmosphere seemed so poetic.

In the afternoon,
we visited the Asian Park - Sun World Da Nang Wonder so I could play some interesting games. In the evening, we went to two other famous bridges - the Han River and the Love bridges. Both of them were so beautiful, and it was a pity that we did not have more time to actually enjoy the view. I left Da Nang in regret that night, and I had to admit that Da Nang was such a worthy city to live (a city worth living in)

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