July 3, 2019


Sentenced to death twice, man compensated after 46 years

By Viet Dung June 22, 2019 | 01:41 pm GMT+7
A 82-year-old Vietnamese man has been compensated with VND6.7 billion ($287,500) for being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death.
Tran Van Them was charged, convicted and sentenced to death in 1973 and 1974. He was only declared innocent in 2017.
Them, a resident of Yen Phong District in Bac Ninh Province, one hour northeast of Hanoi, got the compensation for the 2,000 days, or six years, he spent in jail and more than 14,530 days since he was released on bail.
He and his family originally demanded VND15 billion in compensation for his ordeal, which included being sentenced to death twice. After prolonged negotiations, they agreed to accept less than half their demand, because "we have been waiting for too long" and Them "is already too old and his health has been declining progressively," the family said.
According to police records, Them and his cousin Nguyen Khac Van were on their way to buy goods in Vinh Phu Province, which has now been separated (splitted, divided) into Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc provinces, on June 23, 1970.
As they were sleeping under a makeshift shelter used by a street barber during the day, they were attacked and robbed. Van was hit in the head and Them was injured, too. Van died at the hospital later and police concluded that Them had committed robbery and murder.
At the trial of first instance in 1973, he was sentenced to death, and the sentence was upheld in 1974. Them refused to admit guilt and steadfastly asserted he was innocent.
In 1976, he was released after a local man admitted to the crime. But that suspect died in 1984, before the court resumed the trial.
As the investigators did not continue investigating the case and left it unresolved, Them submitted a petition in 1997, asking the supreme court to review the case, but nothing was changed.
On December 6, 2004, Them filed another petition, but by then, the Justice Council Members of the Supreme People's Court had destroyed all files of the first instance and appeal trials. This allowed police to start the investigation afresh in line with regulations.
11 long years later, investigators collected enough evidence to close the case and affirm Them’s innocence.
In August 8, 2016, investigators decided to stop investigating Them and the supreme court concluded that he was innocent. Three days later, the court made a public apology to Them.
In 2017, the supreme court deleted all criminal records of Them and began negotiating the compensation.
Now a free man, Them said: "During all those years in prison, I still believed that I would be declared innocent one day and that the police would definitely arrest the real culprit."
"I’ve suffered all those days that people, including family members, shunned me. But I did not do it."

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Mẫu 1- BAO GIỜ

1- Bao giờ sẽ diễn ra kỳ thi tới?
When will the next exam take place ?
2- John đã dọn đến Jacksonville bao giờ?
When did John move to Jacksonville ?
3- Bao giờ Bertha sẽ trở lại Mexico ?
When will Bertha go back to Mexico ?
4- Ông ấy đi London bao giờ?
When did he leave for London ?
-Nếu bao giờ đặt ở đầu câu thì câu đó đề cập đến ở thì Simple Future.
-Nếu bao giờ đặt ở cuối câu thì câu đó đề cập đến sự kiện trong quá khứ, và động từ trong câu Anh ngữ phái ở thì Simple Past.


1- Anh sẽ ở lại đây bao lâu ?
How long will you stay here ?
2- Ông định ở lại bao lâu ? – Qua đêm.
How long are you going to stay ? – Over night.
3- Bạn mất hết bao lâu để đến đây ?
How long did it take you to come here ?
4- Bạn mất hết bao lâu để nấu bữa ăn tối ?
How long does it take you to cook dinner ?
5- Cô ta mất hết bao lâu để dọn dẹp nhà bếp ?
How long does it take her to clean up the kitchen ?
6- Bạn mất hết bao lâu để mặc quần áo ?
How long does it take you to put on your clothes ?
7- Bạn mất bao lâu để đi đến trường ?
How long does it take you to go to school ?
8- Mất hết bao lâu ?
How long does it take ?
9- Ông đã ở Hoa kỳ bao lâu rồi ? – Khoảng 6 tháng.
How long have you been in the United States ? – About 6 months.
10- Ông đã câu cá ở đây bao lâu ? – Có lẽ 3 tháng
How long have you been fishing here ? – Maybe 3 months.
11- Cô đã làm thợ may được bao lâu? 6 năm.
How long were you a dressmaker ? – 6 years.
12- Cô làm việc ở đó được bao lâu rồi? – Được 2 năm.
How long have you worked there ? – For 2 years.
13- Bạn đã sống trong thành phố này bao lâu rồi?
How long have you lived in this city ?
14- Ban đã học tiếng Anh được bao lâu rồi?
How long have you studied English ?
15- Ban đã lập gia đình được bao lâu rồi?
How long have you been married ?
- Để dịch nghĩa “bao lâu” ta dùng “How long…”
- Để dịch nghĩa “mất hết bao lâu để “ta dùng “How long does it take …” ~~~~~~~~~