May 8, 2019

A. Translate into Vietnamese

Do It Yourself

Some people would say that the Englishman’s home is no longer his castle; that it has become his workshop. 
This is partly because the average English is keen on working with his own hands and partly because he feels, for one reason or another, that he must do for himself many household jobs for which, some years ago, he would have hired professional help. 
The main reason for this is a financial one: the high cost of labour has meant that the builders’ and decorators’ costs have reached a level which makes them prohibitive for house-proud English people of modest means. 
So, if they wish to keep their houses looking bright and smart, they have to tackle some of the repairs and decorating themselves. 
As a result, there has grown up in the post-war years what is sometimes referred to as the “Do-it-yourself Movement”.
The “Do-it-yourself Movement” began with home decorating but has since spread into a much wider field. Nowadays, there seem to be very few things that cannot be made by the “do-it-yourself” method.

A number of magazines and handbooks exist to show hopeful handymen of all ages just how easy it is to build anything from a coffee table to a fifteen foot (4.5 meters) sailing dinghy. 
All you need, it seems, is a hammer and a few nails. 
You follow the simple instructions step by step and, before you know where you are, the finished article stands before you, complete in every detail.
Unfortunately, alas, it is not always quite as simple as it sounds! Many a budding “do-it-yourself” has found to his cost that one cannot learn a skilled craftsman’s job overnight. 
How quickly one realizes, when doing it oneself, that a job which takes the skilled man an hour or so to complete takes the amateur handyman five to six at least. 
And then there is the question of tools. 
The first thing the amateur learns is that he must have the right tools for the job. 
But tools cost money. 
There is also the wear and tear on the nerves. 
It is not surprising then that many people have come to the conclusion that the expense of paying professionals to do the work is, in the long run, more economical than “do-it-yourself”.

B. Test

61) Good ……… ! I hope you get the job.
a) chance
b) fortune
c) luck
d) wish

62) The doctor has told her that she must give ……… drinking.
a) from
b) to
c) off
d) up

63) There was a lot of noise so I didn't understand what she was ……… .

a) saying
b) telling
c) speaking
d) talking

64) I ……… drink beer than wine.
a) would like more
b) prefer
c) had better
d) would rather

65) I gave her ……… earrings for Christmas.
a) a pair of
b) a set of
c) two
d) a

66) Would you like some more tea? There's still ……… left.

a) few
b) a few
c) a little
d) little

67) She didn't want the job, ……… .

a) however well paid was it
b) however well paid it was
c) for how good pay might it be
d) however good pay it was

68) He has been ……… for armed robbery.

a) blamed
b) accused
c) charged
d) arrested

69) The financial director ……… for almost an hour.

a) kept us to wait
b) kept us waiting
c) made us to wait
d) made us waiting

70) I've often ……… at the Wiejce Palace Hotel.

a) stayed
b) sleeped
c) remained
d) rested

Assignment from May 15 to June 12, 2019
1. Test

71) I didn't realise that the coffee shop was ……… the other side of the road.

a) by
b) for
c) on
d) in

72) We have ……… for a receptionist but haven't appointed anyone yet.

a) advertised
b) announced
c) advised
d) noticed

73) She's very beautiful but that kind of woman doesn't ……… to me.

a) fancy
b) appeal
c) attract
d) turn on

74) The language school that I attend is 20 kilometres ……… .

a) far
b) away
c) distance
d) long

75) "I'm going to the cinema on Saturday." "So ……… ."

a) I am
b) do I
c) I do
d) am I

76) They ……… him of scratching the car.

a) blamed
b) accused
c) punished
d) arrested

77) They had to leave the flat because they couldn't pay the ……… .

a) fare
b) hire
c) rent
d) salary

78) She ……… at me and then turned away.

a) viewed
b) regarded
c) responded
d) glanced

79) The book shop rang ……… that the dictionary you ordered has arrived.

a) to say
b) to tell
c) for saying
d) for telling


80) If he hadn't drunk so much, he ……… sick. a) didn't feel
b) wouldn't feel
c) hadn't felt
d) hasn't felt

81) Maria has two sisters, but she doesn't speak to ……… of them.

a) both
b) any
c) either
d) neither

82) Hubert is an uncle of ……… .

a) Kim
b) Kims
c) Kim's
d) Kims'

83) We discussed the house plans ……… our way to the shops.

a) by
b) on
c) in
d) to

84) George goes to ……… by car.

a) a work
b) the work
c) an work
d) work

85) Have you found a job ……… ?

a) soon
b) still
c) longer
d) yet

86) My boots are dirty. I'd better take them ……… before I come in.

a) off
b) away
c) on
d) up

87) What did the man say ……… ?

a) at you
b) to you
c) for you
d) you

88) Do you think I should move to Ireland? You shouldn't do anything ……… you think it's the right thing to do.

a) when
b) unless
c) in case
d) if

89) We can finish the rest of the eggs for ……… .

a) a breakfast
b) the breakfast
c) breakfast
d) a breakfasts

90) If she doesn't ……… my sight at once, I'll scream!

a) go out from
b) go off
c) get away from
d) get out of

2. Write a 50-word letter to your Mom on the occasion of this upcoming Mother's Day, May 12, 2019 ...

(key words: love, appreciation, promise, wish ...)