March 6, 2019

A. Test

1) Did you ……… anywhere interesting last weekend?
a) go
b) going
c) was
d) went

2) I work as a teacher and my wife ………, too.
a) do
b) is
c) work
d) does

3) I think ……… taxi driver
a) her job is
b) she's a
c) her job is an
d) she's

4) What is your home town ……… ?
a) situated
b) age
c) like
d) located

5) I’m afraid I ……… here for your birthday party.
a) have not to be
b) am not being
c) will be not
d) can't be

6) How ……… are you?
a) high
b) wide
c) long
d) heavy

7) How long ……… married?
a) have you been
b) are you
c) have you
d) been

8) Would you like ……… help?
a) a
b) some
c) me
d) I

9) They ……… go to the cinema
a) tomorrow
b) much
c) rare
d) seldom

10) He hasn’t played since he ……… the accident.
a) had
b) has had
c) has
c) had had

B. Translation

Scenery on the sea at sunset

The sun is setting and the western sky is yellowing, then darkening. The moon is rising and the eastern sky is lighting up. A gentle breeze is blowing and the hot air has dispersed and the fresh air is coming.

On the water, white-crested waves are undulating while offshore sail-boats are sailing slowly towards the shore. That beautiful scene of nature becomes more and more fascinating when we admire it.

C. Interview

What is your greatest strength?
What is your greatest weakness?
Tell me about yourself.
Why do you want to learn English?
What do think about English as the lingua franca of the world?
Why do you want to go overseas?
What are your goals for the future?
How do you handle success?
How do you handle failure?
Do you work well with other people?
What do you think is most important in your life?
Who is the most influential person in you own life?
Where would you like to be in 5 years?